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Benaquhallie is a prominent viewpoint with a remarkable summit cairn and views from the North Sea off Aberdeen to the Cairngorms. To get there from Torphins is a long and perhaps less interesting walk, so it is best to cycle or drive to the end of the public road. There is then a pleasant walk or moderate mountain bike ride to the summit.

To get there drive or cycle to the unclassified road leading north off the B9119 signposted Upper/Lower Dagie and Broomhill. This junction lies immediately west of the Sundayswells/Findrack road. Continue towards the end of the tarmac road. There are a few places in that vicinity where you can park without causing an obstruction. Continues on foot or mountain bike up the tarmac road which becomes a track towards Upper Broomhill. Turn left up the west side of the derelict steading and join a well defined estate road rising diagonally across the face of the hill, with views becoming more expansive with every step. After about 1200m, an obvious (and incredibly straight) dyke leads up the hill on your left towards the summit of Benaquhallie. There is a good vehicle track giving easy walking on both sides of the dyke. There is a trig point on the summit, and a prominent cairn about 200m south, presumably to ensure that is was visible from the main road and perhaps the Findrack Estate. The origin of the cairn is at present unknown to the author.

Return to the village, retracing your footsteps.

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