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A network of paths has been constructed  starting in the woods in the  centre of the  village and  extending out to 1km or more from the village  centre. Various  circular routes are possible, in  mixed woodland, rich in wildlife.

Starting in William Street, enter the woods behind Woodside Crescent as shown in the plan. A good path leads  through the woods, across Monboddo Road and on to a junction.

Taking the right fork leads  deeper into the woods, exiting  where Woodside Road meets the Learney Avenue.

Taking the left fork, the path ascends towards the Church. Crossing  the road with care, a you can return to the village centre by the pavement.  Otherwise, go through the gate into  the woods  beside the  Church and follow the path as it  ascends to meet  the end of Auchmacoy Road. Turning left onto that road you can return to the village via the public park.

Continuing on the path, it continues for approximately 1km, somewhat rougher underfoot, eventually   joining Learney Avenue from where you can return to the village.  Alteratively turn left onto Learney Avenue to continue for a further 3km , following the "Bog Road" circuit.

If returning to the village by the Learney Avenue, do not follow the B993 or Woodside Road, but cross the B993  then re-join the woodland trail on your right a few metres beyond the road crossing.

Spot the beech, birch, sycamore, rowan Scots pine and alder. Watch out for roe deer and red  squirrels. Listen for woodpeckers, blackbirds, pidgeons and many species of smaller birds. The wood provides a roosting site for  hundreds of rooks, which provide a  daily spectacle  as  they arrive from feeding at  dusk, and leave again at  dawn in a noisy social group.

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