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Access to this route  is not being maintained by the Landowner, so there is high risk of the route being impeded by livestock.

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Hill of Beltie

The walk begins at Three Bridges junction on the A980 approximately 1km east of the village, signposted “Kincardine O’Neil 3”. Unfortunately, there is no wholly satisfactory way of getting to this point. It is possible to walk along Craigmyle road to the Three Bridges but this involves crossing the A980 in fast moving traffic .A simpler solution may be to drive or cycle to the Three Bridges, turn right towards K’O Neil, and note the turning immediately on the left (before the bridge), leading to the Hill of Beltie. Park where possible without causing an obstruction. As a third option, some have found congenial walking from the village along the embankment beside the Beltie, but this is rough underfoot and may be disruptive to local farming.


Having reached the 3 bridges, identify the left turn close to the A980. Follow that road for approx. 1km up to Easter Beltie. A fork to the right leads to private houses and gardens (see map). Continue to follow the road until the road is blocked by a substantial gate. Go through the gate and identify a sign immediately on your right indicating “access to Hill of Beltie”. Go through that gate and follow the path until it issues onto open moorland, then go up until you meet the estate road. Follow that road for a short distance, then leave to reach an obvious summit. Excellent views all around, both of the local area and mountains beyond. Look out for deer, hare , buzzards and Red Kites.

Do not follow the  estate  road further downhill as it leads through a busy farm onto  a road unsuited to pedestrian traffic, so retrace your footsteps to return to the village.

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