AGM 15th April 2021

A - Minutes,  B - Report of Chair,  C - Report of Treasurer,  D - Notes to Report of Treasurer.

Business Plan March 2021

Our objectives, operations and projects are detailed in our Business Plan adopted in March 2021

Easter Beltie - Glassel road section of Torphins - Banchory

TPG is delighted to push forward in cooperation with the landowners to develop the path from Easter Beltie to Glassel road as a key part of the proposed path to Banchory.  This section is at the Easter Beltie River Restoration Site developed by Dee Catchment Partnership who we are cooperating with to provide information boards along the way.  The landowner has submitted a planning application to build a car park and new path through the field at Easter Beltie to the old railway track.  TPG has submitted a planning application for a new path from the old railway track, with a new bridge over Black Linn Burn, through Dam Wood to Glassel road.

A temporary access is already open through the field to maintain access to the old railway track which is a popular walk near the Easter Beltie River Restoration site. The old access has been closed for safety reasons by the owner.

Funding of the TPG planning application is provided by Aberdeenshire Council Marr Area Committee, King George V Wind Turbine Fund, and internal funding from public donations and product sales. 

Waulkmill Farm

In March 2021 we completed the new 90 metre path on the right of way at Waulkmill Farm. The path makes a long desired safe route around the farm yard from the south side of the Waulkmill Bridge replaced by Aberdeenshire Council in 2017.  The project was funded by Aberdeenshire Council (80%) and TPG (20%) with all fencing timber donated by Learney Estate and site preparation and quarry material delivery by Waulkmill Farm.  


Woodland Wonderland

Over the Christmas and New year period we illuminated a section of the Torphins Woods  to brighten the  lockdown experience  for our community. The event was much appreciated  by all. To see more click here


Torphins Woods

TPG has spent £1,900 awarded by The Bread of Life Charity Shop to upgrade the path around Torphins Woods.  Volunteers have laid 485 metres of hardcore and dust, installed 7 new drains and refurbished 2 old drains to improve the wet areas of this core path.  The route, together with the developments last year, provide excellent opportunities for safe and pleasant walking in these difficult times, of course always following social distancing rules and government requirements.  We are now refurbishing the very popular Monboddo to South Lodge path.  

Torphins - Lumphanan

£2,000 awarded from Marr Area Committee Large Projects Fund and £1,000 from King George V Wind Turbine Panel has been applied towards the cost of preparation for our planning application to Aberdeenshire Council for the proposed path from Torphins to Lumphanan.  Route and landowner surveys and an ecological survey have been progressed.  We are heartened by the strong support for the route from owners along the old railway line and towards Lumphanan, and the support from Lumphanan Paths Group, Lumphanan community and Torphins community.  We need to raise further funds to progress landowner agreements, more ecological studies, and detail mapping and bridge specifications for the application.  We are working on sourcing additional funds.


Thank you to Torphins Scouts

for daffodil planting on

Torphins Woodland Trails

Grand Opening Event

The Grand Opening Event of Torphins Woodland Trails on Saturday 11th May 2019, in association with Aberdeenshire Wellbeing Festival, was a huge success with around 100 people attending. After the ribbon cutting by Mrs. C. Grant of Learney Estate, everyone enjoyed walking the trails. The Children's Pathfinder Challenge was enjoyed by all, as were the other competitions. Woodland Flower seeds were on sale and sown around the path.  

The information hubs promoted TPG activities and plans and health

and wellbeing, including comparative activity and food calorie counts.  

Event attendance was free, however sales of soup, fruit, healthy home bakes,

tea, coffee raised over £300 for TPG.  

Many thanks to all attendees and volunteers, to Learney Estate for  access

and timber, and Aberdeenshire Wellbeing Festival for event subsidy. 

The path volunteers will continue the Torphins Woods improvements.


New Product

Torphins Greeting Cards are available all year

If you go down to the woods today.....

You may encounter the TPG volunteers improving the paths around Torphins, particularly in Torphins Woods with the authority and support of Learney Estate.  Following a training session with Paths for All in late 2018 work started in eliminating a  boggy section of the path near Monboddo Road and continues through the years since.

If you want to join us, sign up as a volunteer by clicking on the button below:


Since formation in April 2017 Torphins Paths Group has won funding totalling £14,038 for a Technical Feasibility Study of path options in the area.  Many thanks to contributors.

  • South Aberdeenshire Local Action Group LEADER Programme £9,038

  • Marr Area Committee Large Project Grant £5,000

We awarded the Technical Feasibility Study contract to Outdoor Access Trust for Scotland, who have produced a report of recommendations which has been presented to the community for feedback and support to launch actual path development funding and activity.

Initial general funding was supported by local charities:

  • MDC Bread of Life £500

  • Former Torphins Mens Club £125

Latest funding is published in News & Events above.